Braincube is a reference tool for anything relating to process

“Braincube made it possible for us to change our paradigm and to find a “smart” way to use all our available data,” said Jacques Pierucci, Graphic Branch Senior Process Expert.

As Braincube’s very first customer, the possibility of using available process data, without limits in terms of quantity or origin (discrete variable) was what initially appealed to Arjowiggins about the Braincube offer.  They had been searching for an operational solution to help them utilize their data in a more meaningful way.

”Braincube made it possible for us to change our paradigm: Find a ‘smart’ way to use all our available data”

Jacques Pierucci, Graphic Branch Senior Process Expert

From being ‘a tool that helped solve process issues,’ today it is a reference tool for anything relating to the process.  “Every time we implement any kind of procedural change we check the outcome using Braincube,” said Pierucci.

At their Golbey plant, they use Braincube on all levels of production.  Operators use Braincube for equipment navigation and can easily access the rules all in one place (Braincube Live).  The applicable rules are up 24 hours a day and have helped optimize their process.  The rules were determined using the analysis app in Braincube.

Engineers take advantage of the detailed process analyses in Braincube to complete studies on problem resolution and how to improve processes, which they then share with operations.

Workshop managers utilize Braincube to monitor the effort put into keeping within compliance and how far the rules are applied, including forecasting excesses or malfunctions.

“Beyond ‘software,’ Braincube supports the philosophy developed at Golbey with respect to autonomous equipment,” noted Pierucci.

“Braincube treats analysis from a different approach than generating a normal statistical model.  Our quality databases were built using applied parameter settings, and statistical analysis couldn’t give us operational solutions.”

Over the past 10 years, Arjowiggins has continued to evolve its Braincube use and now uses the system for performance monitoring and analysis, with a particular focus on energy use.

Braincube is “an indispensable tool for understanding processes! Braincube made it possible for us to change our paradigm and to find a ‘smart’ way to use all our available data,” said Pierucci.

Eric Perrin, a Continuous Improvement Manager for Norske Skog Golbey, remembers the first time he saw Braincube, “Personally, I was converted, and could already envision the possibilities that the Braincube developed algorithm analysis would offer us in terms of solutions to our recurring problems.”

His team decided to test the Braincube algorithms on a very specific problem and the results were so convincing, that they’ve been using Braincube ever since.


Arjowiggins is the world-leading manufacturer of creative and technical paper. With nearly 2,800 employees and 13 production and conversion plants, Arjowiggins has operations in Europe, North America and Asia.



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