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Connect and Digitize Siloed Data

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The Braincube IIoT Platform offers a Big Data Infrastructure, collecting, integrating, and structuring your data from IT and OT systems. Use Edge or Cloud solutions to get live time visibility into your production process so that you can optimize your processes.

Use 20 plus Braincube applications, to visualize, analyze, and collaborate on the complex problems that can only be solved with AI.  These ready to use OI apps require no expert coding, and will equip you with the ability to not only improve your bottom line, but to truly transform your manufacturing operations.

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Instant Access to Clean Data

Braincube helps you get more value out of your data.  Our proprietary algorithms transform your raw data into clean, usable information that is structured in real-time.  

Having a continuously updated data stream allows instant visualization for charting, graphing, and reporting, a thorough understanding how to improve your processes with prescriptive methods on what to change, and empowers your teams to take on short-term and long-term projects for continuous improvement.  

Braincube is a tool that structures time series data enabling users to quickly identify and analyze opportunities to improve their manufacturing process.  

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Strategically Digitize Your Operations

Braincube was designed to integrate with your existing architecture or it serves as a standalone IIoT platform. Because our apps are ready to use off the shelf (no coding required!), Braincube can support your company initiatives from day one.

Our open API lets your data experts import and export data to and from other systems. Now, you can spend your time using your data to improve your process and increase your knowledge.

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Designed to Scale Globally

With more than 250 companies using Braincube across 30 countries, we understand the importance of multiplying your newfound knowledge. 

Our customers tell us that they consistently uncover new uses and savings from Braincube, which can easily be implemented at every location around the world.  And because Braincube increases collaboration across sites, centralized data management makes it easier than ever to augment your operations.

Transform your data.
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