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Data Visualization

Data access and visibility are stepping stones to a data-driven culture. The Data Visualization App Package makes it easy for anyone to get descriptive visibility into the most important up-to-date information, whether it is a single machine’s status or a multifaceted company-wide KPI.


Quickly display, analyze, and share your data through powerful charts or tables.

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A centralized hub to monitor your most important, up-to-date production data and KPIs via visual, no-code dashboards.

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Discover a low-code/no-code environment to build custom, interactive views of real-time and/or historical production data.

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Apps include:
Condition Monitoring

With greater access to real-time plant conditions, teams can react and troubleshoot faster, improve efficiency, and scale production with ease. Braincube’s Condition Monitoring App Package makes it easier and safer to track asset performance, OEE, production conditions and rates, and other critical factory floor data—from anywhere in the world.


Monitor real-time OEE and get insights on where to scale shop floor efforts.

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Continuously calculate live production and defect rates using real-time data.

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Machine Status

Real-time, automated asset monitoring that tracks uptime and planned vs. unplanned downtime.

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Monitor live production data, manage events, and display production standards and AI recommendations.

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Apps include:
Process & Quality Control

Stabilize processes, track compliance, and share findings with the shop floor. The Process and Quality Control App Package automates production standards tracking, control charts, and SPC reports.

Control Charts

Create custom, templated control charts to track real-time SPC to quickly react to any production drift and avoid costly downtimes.
Live Reports

Track the compliance of custom production standards and AI recommendations displayed in the Live Application.
Production Standards

Manage your production standards in order to leverage them globally via the platform.
SPC Reports

Save time through automated SPC reporting.

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Apps include:
Advanced Analytics

Solve issues and reach specific objectives that accelerate your goals with autonomous AI analytics. Put powerful analytics tools into the hands of every employee with the Advanced Analytics App Package. Leveraging our powerful, proprietary CrossRank AI algorithm, these apps are valuable tools for continuous improvement and improved production.

Advanced Analysis

Easily leverage Braincube’s proprietary AI to improve process and quality.

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AI helps determine which variables differ between two data sets with uneven performance, quality, or other key differences.

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Performance Report

Track the compliance of any or all of your AI recommendations, compare results obtained with predictions, and get insights on the potential discard reasons.

Apps include:

Accelerate your operational efficiency with easy-to-use Machine Learning-assisted prescriptions. The Modeling App Package helps you achieve more sustainable operations by equipping teams with templated tools to build, test, and deploy data science models with ease.

Model Manager

Edit, historize, and generate containers to quickly operationalize your custom data science models
Model Runner

Operationalize your data science models on any production.

Apps include:
Predictive Maintenance

Develop better maintenance schedules by optimizing your data with the Predictive Maintenance App Package. Monitor critical parameters, dive into event analysis, and react quicker when critical conditions arise to prevent future problems and reduce unplanned downtime.


Set custom alerts to be notified when out of spec.

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Machines’ Performance Tracker

Monitor real-time performance of a group of machines (or any production asset) and get alerted if one machine is underperforming compared to others or compared to its own usual performance.

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The Snapshot App records production data for a set time before, during, and after an event has occurred. By automating event data capture teams can easily perform event analysis to learn from events and improve their predictive maintenance plans.

Apps include:

Drive agile operations with continuous ML and AI prescriptions. The Prescription App Package allows you to leverage AI for ongoing adapted decision-making prescriptions based on real-time conditions in parallel with historical big data.

Apps include:
Autonomous Factory

Alleviate humans from unnecessary tasks with custom, flexible AI that sends settings directly to machines. Self-service AI saves the shop floor from performing repetitive, tedious tasks and maximizes efficiency by adapting to changing conditions.

Apps include:

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“Braincube is driving innovation in the data analytics and AI space and we are delighted to have Braincube as a strategic partner as we navigate along our journey to Industry 4.0.”

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