Advanced Business Intelligence Applications

Improve production performance and quality

The Braincube Smart IIoT Platform comes with ready-to-use advanced applications that enable manufacturers to be more efficient, agile, and proactive in how they approach business challenges. Whether you need data visualization, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, AI analysis and recommendations, or predictive models, there’s a Braincube app to match your goals. 

Among all, the advanced analytics apps package offers a proprietary AI algorithm that empowers citizen data scientists to leverage Machine Learning in order to solve complex challenges and/or to reach specific objectives. 

Accelerate growth with Braincube’s ready-to-use Apps

Align your priorities to business needs

Dashboards, charts, and analyses are customized based on the information you deem most important. This puts the data you need the most at your fingertips when you need it. Choose what to analyze in Braincube based on changing business needs, making it easy to adapt to volatile circumstances. 

Easily implement an established framework

From day one, use out-of-the-box apps to uncover opportunities. A low-code/no-code playground empowers teams to build custom and interactive dashboards for a robust view of real-time and/or historical production data.

Using our proven methodologies, we’ll help you implement an IIoT solution and instill a data-driven culture from the shop floor to corporate teams. Our coaches’ industry expertise helps you set, align, and work towards your business strategies and objectives, ensuring a successful rollout.


Harness the power of Digital Twins

Our unique Digital Twin gives you access to the exact manufacturing conditions for each of your products.
Empower everyone at your company to monitor, visualize, and analyze data on the exact production conditions from the present moment to the time you started recording data.

When the power of a contextualized Digital Twin is harnessed by Braincube’s Smart IIoT Platform and apps, the results are nothing short of transformational.

Braincube is an analytical tool that acts as a central data repository. We use this to build the business intelligence by understanding the data from various sources, thereby gaining valuable insights into our business processes.

IT Specialist and Braincube customer
Braincube Live lets your operators control and monitor settings from one place. CrossRank alerts you when a parameter is in danger of going out of compliance by moving it to the top of your screen so you can react quickly.

Advanced Analytics Apps

Solve complex problems and reach business objectives with Braincube’s Advanced Analytics Apps, powered by our proprietary AI algorithm.

Leveraging CrossRank, the hyperlift approach gives you a clear understanding of the correlation between all of your process variables. It is easy to use, simple to understand, and delivers quick results.

This App uses Braincube’s proprietary AI algorithm and scoring method—CrossRank—democratizing AI for all. The CrossRank technology allows you to complete a single study and understand the exact parameters (inputs and outputs) needed to operate at peak performance. From here, you can create rules based on your operating standards, deliver these rules to a control room dashboard via Braincube Live, and start improving your processes. 

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Business Intelligence Apps Designed for Manufacturing

Our three founders all started their careers within manufacturing. They started Braincube based on their experiences on the factory floor: the need to turn manufacturing data into digestible, usable insights to benefit corporate and plant teams.