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Our application suite helps you visualize, analyze, and collaborate across departments to be more efficient, agile, and pro-active in how you approach your business challenges. Our app suite is available with ready to use cloud or edge applications, helping you take control of your data.

Data Visualization Apps

Data Visualization Apps offer instant access to your data to build charts, dashboards, manage your data, run reports, and more.

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The Dashboard App helps you track what’s important to you, all in one place. You can personalize your dashboard with a collection of active, but preconfigured charts to track your KPIs in one place, access your most frequently used charts or see performance across all of your plants at-a-glance.

Machine Status app

Utilize the Machine Status App to monitor machine performance. Access Pareto and Gantt charts to see statistics reports on historical machine status.

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Braincube Live is an easy-to-use app designed to make it easier for operators to view rules and stay compliant. Parameters are then organized by most impactful to least impactful variable, shifting in position if a rule goes out of compliance.

The Reporting App allows you to monitor your performance over time, in a streamlined efficient way. Build reports to use in your daily meetings, share with stakeholders on the fly, and have instant access to the KPIs that matter most to your performance.

I can see every machine of my company without leaving my office.

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Braincube is an analytical tool that acts as a central data repository. We use this to build the business intelligence by understanding the data from various sources, thereby gaining valuable insights into our business processes.

IT Specialist and Braincube customer
Braincube Live lets your operators control and monitor settings from one place.  The CrossRank technology alerts you when a parameter is in danger of going out of compliance by moving it to the top of your screen so you instantly react.

Analysis Apps

Analysis Apps provide you with the tools you need to solve complex problems. These apps use CrossRank Scoring, Braincube’s proprietary AI algorithm to find the exact set points you need to operate in to have your best attempt every single time.

Tablet showing Braincube Crossrank

The CrossRank technology allows you to complete a single study to understand the exact parameters (inputs and outputs) needed to operate at peak performance. Create rules based on your operating standards to be sent to Braincube Live for a control room dashboard.

Decision-making became fact based, leveraging historical data and past results. All alternative settings could be compared in Braincube before implementation.

Steel Manufacturing Project Lead and Braincube Customer

The Hyperlift App is a revolutionary way to evaluate the correlation between two variables using the Braincube proprietary scoring; CrossRank. With a very visual presentation, this method guarantees to deliver all the dataset characteristics at a glance.

Braincube proved to be extremely efficient at analyzing influencing factors.

Sylvain Reumeau, Director, VINCI Energies France Industrie Normandie IdF
The hyperlift approach is Braincube’s proprietary scoring method (CrossRank) to understand the correlation between all of your process variables. The CrossRank technology is easy-to-use, simple to understand and fast to deliver results.
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Comparator App helps you to identify a cause for something that occurred during production, but could not be identified. You can identify possible process deviations, compare two date ranges/machines/products, and look into statuses before and after a major maintenance operation.

We found the root cause of significant production loss using the Comparator tool, comparing good production time frame with the bad timeframe.

Operations for Smurfit Kappa and Braincube Customer

The Charts Apps allows for seamless visualization and analysis of your data. Charts can be used as an individual representation or data or as a series of charts.

Follow the status of production batches by counting good and bad parts, monitoring production rate and defect typology with the Counter App.

Tablet with Braincube Analysis

‘Braincube Analysis’ gives process engineers a way to characterize variable and generate knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and visualize. They now have a complete understanding of the processes.

Director of Process and Braincube Customer

Collaboration Apps

Collaboration Apps make it easy to share and work with colleagues.

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Form Builder App helps you create and customize forms (i.e., charts and tables) with structured data and information. Use your preconfigured forms to record your data on the shop floor with the option to link to your MES or cloud solution.

Brainbox App allows you to document, annotate and share your discoveries with colleagues via Braincube or as an exported .ppt file.

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To-Do App helps you manage projects and tasks and collaborate securely with your team. Learn more about how to get started with Braincube.

Our quality complaint investigation process has been made wildly more efficient by utilizing Braincube. The level of analysis and number of variables I can look at in just a few minutes is a massive improvement.

Process Engineer in Paper Manufacturing and Braincube Customer

Braincube OI Apps Will Help You To

Quickly change focus to align with business needs

Choose what to analyze in Braincube based on changing business needs. With Braincube, you control when and what to study depending on economic, political or social events so that you are fully autonomous to complete studies on your own terms, at your own pace, at any time.

Focus on your KPIs

Dashboards, charts, and analyses are customized based on the information you deem most important so that you can have the data you need most at your fingertips.

Easily implement an established framework

Using our proven implementation process, we’ll help you instill a data-driven culture from the shop floor to corporate. Our coaches will leverage their industry expertise to set and align with your business strategies and objectives to ensure a successful rollout.

Our Apps are Designed for Manufacturing

Our three founders all started their careers within manufacturing. Braincube was created from what they experienced after working on the factory floor—the need to turn manufacturing data into digestible, usable insights to benefit corporate and plant teams.

See how we use historical data to improve manufacturing performance by baking a chocolate cake with AI!

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