Data visualization

Data access and visibility are stepping stones to data-driven manufacturing. Braincube’s data visualization applications make it easy for anyone at your organization to access and understand the most important historical and up-to-date information. 

Whether it is a single machine’s status or a complex company-wide KPI, teams can build interactive and custom visualizations that improve efficiencies and performance.


Data visualization apps


Discover a low-code/no-code playground to build custom, interactive views of production data. Teams save time monitoring real-time Edge data and historical Cloud data using a single, centralized portal. With endless customization, you can insert Braincube’s ready-to-use apps, add reports from integrated apps, or build custom solution workflows with our open API or WYSIWYG builder.


This versatile App is a centralized hub where your most important KPIs can be tracked. Add Braincube charts, tables, reports, and more to quickly view, analyze, and report on performance. Create individual or shared dashboards for better clarity, insights, and reports—without needing to code.


The Charts App is a powerful tool for visualizing and analyzing structured data. Teams can discover actionable insights and share valuable information for better cross-team collaboration. Empower everyone to make confident, data-based decisions that directly improve processes.

Use Cases

Data visualization use cases

  • Democratizing data for on-demand improvements

    Democratizing data for on-demand improvements

    Making data accessible by end-user needs is critical to data-driven operations. Braincube’s low-code/no-code data visualization tools bridge the gap between what and why, enabling teams to make impactful strides toward KPIs. Pulling, cleaning, and consolidating data is a time-consuming task that hinders efficiency. Using Braincube’s Studio application, teams can quickly build comprehensive and accessible workspaces designed for specific users, teams, or company-wide initiatives.

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Turn data into actionable insights that transform operations.

“Braincube’s visualization tools give us enhanced clarity on the data. We can get detailed ranges that help us better understand specific problems.”

— GK Lee

Process and Data Analytics Manager at ofi