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Building materials and glass producers need a deeper understanding of how everything works together if they are to improve overall plant performance.

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  • Reduce scrap

    Reduce scrap

    Fewer losses and less waste mean saving precious time and resources. Automated alerts, such as identifying a catcher jam on a shingle machine, can help building materials manufacturers significantly reduce both waste and costs. Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance tools help facilities maximize uptime while minimizing wasted product due to unexpected shutdowns.
  • Improve yield

    Improve yield

    In order to improve yield, teams need to understand which parameters have the biggest impact on overall output. Data taxonomy means teams are always analyzing standardized data when looking for improvement opportunities. Correlating large, complex variable sets complements the intrinsic process knowledge of engineers and SMEs. Our advanced CrossRank AI can also help teams optimize output for ideal quality-to-cost ratios.
  • Increase overall productivity

    Increase overall productivity

    Working together, IIoT tools enable building materials manufacturers to achieve golden batches time and time again. Store recipes and production settings for faster changeovers. Monitor and understand operational adherence to production standards in order to reduce variability. Use advanced AI and ML to discover the best settings for a given product, then send these settings directly to the shop floor for immediate ROI.

Braincube’s IIoT Platform

  • Designed for building materials

    Designed for building materials

    Braincube’s IIoT solutions give teams a centralized point of access for valuable diagnostic and production data. This makes it possible to bring holistic, meaningful changes within your building materials facilities. Choose from off-the-shelf manufacturing BI apps, digital twins, and other solutions designed to make your life more convenient and your business results more attainable. We equip all teams with easy-to-use AI and analytics to democratize and scale value.

Building materials case studies
    Building materials case studies

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    “Braincube reduced process variation, eliminated operator errors, and improved predictive maintenance.”

    Thomas M. Hobbs

    Director of Manufacturing Data Systems at GAF Materials Corporation