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The only industrial solution that provides multidimensional value.

Maximize human potential

Productivity is only one indicator of success: our solutions multiply employee efficiency and connect teams to shared goals. Give your employees time-saving tools to solve multifaceted use cases, increase their efficiency, and continuously reach their goals.

Scale profitable performance

Meet rising demands head-on with powerful AI that delivers immediate value. Bring greater efficiency, agility, and productivity with interdimensional data that adapts to your business needs.

Drive your autonomous factory

Automate sustainable improvements directly from AI prescriptions to PLCs for closed-loop control. Reduce waste, save energy, and lower your environmental impact with prescriptive settings that continuously optimize for live conditions.

Braincube is the platform for data-driven manufacturing leaders

Braincube enables operations and engineering teams to drive increased process efficiency with tools that help you visualize, stabilize, and optimize your complex manufacturing environment.

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International Paper reduces costs and variability

International Paper uses Braincube to bridge the gap between their digital systems and the shop floor for greater efficiency.

“Braincube’s Digital Twins give constant access to contextualized information at any time and from anywhere, allowing us to set a data-driven strategy.”

Benoit Cugnet

Energy Engineer, Aubert & Duval Ancizes

“Machine Learning helps reinforce our own learning about our processes. This enables us to build a prescriptive strategy.”

GK Lee

Process and Data Analytics Manager, ofi

“Data integrity is key to ensuring credibility and momentum when scaling a solution to other production lines, factories, or geographies.”

Joanne Boyd

Global Service Manager of Advanced Analytics, Sappi

“[Braincube’s] Studio makes it easier for teams at all levels to understand what’s happening, why, and how to improve.”

Andrew Jones

Senior Engineer Fellow, International Paper

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