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Paper, packaging, and forest products manufacturers

Improving process stability is at the crux of challenges facing paper and packaging manufacturers. But with thousands of variables in a single process, knowing which levers to pull can be easier said than done.

  • Reduce unplanned downtime

    Reduce unplanned downtime

    Depending on your company’s ton per hour, every minute you’re not producing can drive up costs.

    IIoT technology can help paper and packaging manufacturers identify warning signs before they become problems. Predictive insights and indicators enable teams to address possible challenges early, minimizing the dreaded trickle-down effect and reducing the likelihood of unplanned downtime.

  • Optimize recipes

    Optimize recipes

    Finding the right balance between fiber, water, and chemicals is challenging, even for the most experienced paper and packaging manufacturers. Variation is inevitable: even optimal recipes are always evolving.

    Braincube’s AI and ML can uncover valuable discoveries within your historical production data, pointing teams toward the right recipe adjustments so that you can achieve optimal product specifications.

  • Minimize waste

    Minimize waste

    Waste takes many forms in the paper and pulp industry: scraped product, water use, energy consumption, and even the overuse of chemicals. All of these wastes are costly—and significantly damage margins.

    IIoT is a digital enablement tool that can accelerate your goals. Each new win drives additional cost savings which continue to skyrocket as more and more data is leveraged for process optimization.


Braincube’s IIoT Platform

  • Designed for paper and packaging manufacturing

    Designed for paper and packaging manufacturing

    Digital Twins, off-the-shelf applications, and other IIoT tools can help even the most experienced paper and packaging manufacturers improve their bottom line.

    Our solutions are designed to make your life more convenient and your business results more attainable. We equip all teams with easy-to-use AI and analytics to democratize and scale value.

Paper, packaging, and forest products case studies
    Paper, packaging, and forest products case studies

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    “Braincube provides process engineers with powerful Big Data tools to analyze the connections between all the process variables, to immediately highlight the variables having an impact, and to create strong multi-variable results."

    Lincoln Tsuruta

    Paper Process Engineer at Oji Paper