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Mines and metals manufacturers face long, complex production cycles spanning both distance and time. Ensuring the right specs are met throughout production is vital to meet customer and quality demands.

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  • Improve product traceability

    Improve product traceability

    Metal production is non-stop, lengthy, and complicated. Gathering and understanding the specific parameters for each individual product can be a painful process.

    Braincube-powered Digital Twins provide a descriptive model of exactly what happened during production. Automated data collection and preparation gives data teams the correct process data for every product. With better product traceability, teams can improve performance, quality, and other leading KPIs.

  • Centralize disconnected data sources

    Centralize disconnected data sources

    When data lives in different systems and formats, it’s a major bottleneck for optimization and continuous improvement efforts.

    Braincube’s tools consolidate data between separate processes, making it possible to look at production holistically. In turn, mines and metals manufacturers can identify problems or optimization opportunities at any point during production. Teams can also confidently implement changes while understanding any potential downstream impacts.

  • Minimize quality defects

    Minimize quality defects

    Defective products mean lower margins, more waste, and unhappy customers.

    With a Braincube-built Digital Twin, teams understand everything that’s happened through the entire production process of every single metal product coming out of your mill. Teams can identify issues early, minimize downstream quality defects, and improve customer satisfaction.


Braincube’s IIoT Platform

  • Designed for mines and metals manufacturing

    Designed for mines and metals manufacturing

    Braincube’s IIoT tools consolidate and contextualize data from disparate sources across the entire metal manufacturing process. Seeing the full scope of an individual product’s production data gives teams the ability to reduce defects, improve margins, and continuously optimize processes.

    Choose from off-the-shelf manufacturing BI apps, digital twins, and other solutions designed to make your life more convenient and your business results more attainable. We equip all teams with easy-to-use AI and analytics to democratize and scale value.

Mines and metals case studies
    Mines and metals case studies

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    “Braincube accelerates the learning of engineers because it allows faster analysis of the process so they are able to find relevant conclusions more quickly."

    Ricardo Pupim

    Production Coordinator at Votorantim Cimentos