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Get more from your data—every day, at every plant, on every line.


How can our solutions help you?

Braincube’s proprietary AI and machine learning strategies help you to transform your processes through ready to use apps for platform, cloud, and edge. With Braincube, it’s not a platform OR apps, but a comprehensive product suite designed to make you more efficient. And because we continuously contextualize and structure your data, you have the power and information needed to optimize processes, reduce risk, improve compliance, and increase margins.

Why are some runs better than others?

Braincube algorithms will quickly crunch through your data so that you can leverage your historical data to uncover the optimal operating conditions at any time, under any circumstance. Our system then helps you to repeat the best results by helping you to understand the exact settings you should use in every single condition you’ve experienced.

What’s unique about your product suite?

Designed by manufacturers for manufacturers, Braincube offers a one-of-a-kind solution that maximizes industrial productivity. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, our solution continuously collects data—in any format—and structures it in a single, secure database.

Your production-line data becomes the operational infrastructure of a closed-loop, continuous improvement program that actually delivers results: not for one project, but for total process management.

Our Products


IIOT Platform:

Our IIOT platform brings together all of your data from disparate silos and systems. This enables you to connect operations within your plant and throughout your company. By connecting your front-line industrial processes (OI) with back-end information systems (IT) you’ll draw new insights from your data.



Our cloud solution helps you enrich your data with its context so you can quickly accelerate performance. A centralized hub hosts your big data and our enterprise cloud applications allow you to develop and share knowledge to improve your operations.



The Edge gives you access to rapidly-changing live data—with extremely low latency—for real-time monitoring and adjustments. Plug-and-play Edge applications give you the autonomy to support your production activities.


Cloud + Edge

Get the best out of both data worlds when you choose one of our Cloud + Edge solutions. You’ll be able to make use of your data hot off the line as well as use our middleware to structure and historize data for trend recognition, SPC, process optimization, and more.


Advanced Applications

Braincube’s OI App Suite equips your teams with the tools they need to optimize your processes. Our apps turn your raw data into useable information. See our app suite.

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“We use [Braincube] to build the business intelligence by understanding the data from various sources, thereby gaining valuable insights into our business processes.”

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