Braincube adds Computer Vision AI to its Application Suite

Automate detection and optimize quality control

Leverage image recognition, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and activity characterization technologies to improve your production. Braincube’s Computer Vision AI solutions can identify and classify defects, making it possible to automate quality control and remove defective products from your production line before they ever reach customers.

Braincube’s Smart IIoT Platform structures and centralizes all production data—including images and video—for use in custom models.

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Benefits of AI computer vision


Increase productivity with automated AI detection

Accelerate identification and optimize processes while freeing your employees to focus on solving more complex and meaningful problems.

Improve customer satisfaction with consistent quality

Leveraging computer vision technology will improve the reliability and speed of defect identification—so your product comes out consistently.

Achieve product traceability for serial codes or batches

 AI learns to distinguish flawed products from correct products with perfect traceability, so you can remove the product(s) from production quickly and analyze the root cause.

How it works:


Users can easily upload, edit, and archive their custom data science models in Braincube’s Model Manager app.


Once added, deploy and scale the use of your custom models across sites using the Model Runner App.

Need help creating your own custom model?

Custom Computer Vision Models

Neovision specializes in tailor-made and turnkey AI solutions. These include custom model development powered by AI/Machine Learning and image analysis. Capitalizing on its experience and recognized expertise in computer vision, Braincube partners with Neovision to offer customers tailored-made and ready-to-deploy applications for image recognition, OCR, and activity characterization.

As part of an innovation process, we asked for a computer vision app to recognize our equipment using photos. The team helped us clarify our needs, then developed a solution to lift the technical feasibility. Neovision quickly identified our needs and knew how to be responsive to the various turns we had to take.

Romain Gassion, Schneider Electric

Guide to Machine Learning for Manufacturing

The connected factory enables manufacturers to collect, analyze, and innovate from their data. Introducing Machine Learning to this equation can accelerate the detection, optimization, and innovation capabilities of your workforce.

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