Track global performance with granular insights

Global benchmarking with localized drill-down

Consolidate KPI tracking into dynamic workspaces

Tool-agnostic for visibility and flexibility

Dynamic knowledge on-demand drives value at scale. Studio enables you to bring in any system or web asset for monitoring, regardless of geography or data format.

You can track and benchmark global projects while letting teams use the tools, technologies, and programs that they love best.

Collective knowledge for achieving collective goals

Future-proof your organization with collective benchmarking and insights. Aggregating global data enables teams to capture and retain valuable intrinsic knowledge at all levels of the organization.

Bringing together your company’s IT/OT data into a dynamic, interoperable workspace also streamlines reporting to regulators, investors, and other stakeholders. 

All of the details, none of the noise

Some days you need the 10,000-foot view and other days you need the 10-foot view. With Studio, you can view performance at a macro level as well as drill down into each KPI, project, plant, or region as needed.

Get only the information you need, when you need it.

15+ years of accelerating success for leading manufacturers

We have helped manufacturers strengthen and future-proof their digital ecosystems for more than 15 years. Here’s what some of our customers are saying on Gartner’s Peer Insights.


“Easy to integrate to any legacy platform. This is what makes the Braincube product a winner.”

— Industry 4.0 Enterprise Architect, Braincube Customer


“The teamwork with the technical support service of Braincube has played a key role in our continuous process improvement.”

— Project Engineer, Braincube Customer


“[Braincube] is quick to deploy and easy to learn. Their ability to structure data based on lag times is extremely valuable.”

— Digital Manufacturing Enterprise Architect, Braincube customer


Expertise on-demand

  • Extend your valuable workforce by using our managed services. When you need to add a new data source, update a tag, or debug quickly, simply pass it to your designated Braincube team. You’ll have a team of data experts to support you with ongoing requests for simple or complex needs.

    We also have specialized teams to help you scale projects and accelerate time to value. Use our managed services for digital twin builds, IIoT integration, and more. Once technical teams validate the data protocols, our teams can build what your teams need.

Managerial courage for executing your 4.0 vision

Watch this short clip to see how Xavier Riley, SVP of Digital Strategy and Innovation at Standard Industries, plans and effectively executes digital transformation strategies.

By the numbers

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Leverage powerful insights for impactful business results

Schedule a demo or take an interactive tour. With Braincube as the data backbone of your organization, operational efficiency is a given.
“Braincube is driving innovation in the data analytics and AI space and we are delighted to have Braincube as a strategic partner as we navigate along our journey to Industry 4.0.”

Industry 4.0 Enterprise Architect

Braincube customer