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Self-service analytics

Whether you want to understand which settings led to ideal or sub-optimal performances or narrow in on your most impactful production parameters, Braincube’s self-service data analytics applications are designed to help you meet your goals. 

Leveraging our Digital Twins and powerful, proprietary CrossRank Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm, these apps are valuable tools for uncovering root causes and improving production.

Self-service analytics apps

Advanced Analysis

This app uses Braincube’s powerful AI to analyze your historical data in minutes. It ranks the variables for your objective(s) by their level of impact and prescribes the optimal settings. Solve complex issues, reach specific objectives, and receive prescriptive set points for continuous ROI.


Leverage AI to optimize your production process by efficiently comparing and analyzing thousands of production variables/conditions in two specific examples of uneven performances. Studies can be for yield optimization, sustainability, quality, cost reduction, and more.

Performance Report

Standardize, improve, and control operations in real time by sharing insights from the Performance Report app. You can also receive insights on how to further improve and meet your compliance goals.

Use Cases

Self-service analytics use cases

  • Data analytics for continuous improvement

    Data analytics for continuous improvement

    Root Cause Analysis, improved processes, and data-driven decisions: it’s all possible with self-service data analytics applications. A global building materials manufacturer knew that accessing real-time data would help them instantly analyze and identify solutions to minimize variation. Using Braincube’s data analytics applications and Digital Twins, the company’s teams identified root causes that optimized their roofing material recipes. With just one change, they are saving over $200k annually.

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“Braincube is a very powerful analysis tool. It’s a great way to build a statistically-rigorous method of operating.”

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