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Batch traceability, automated compliance reporting, and advanced quality control tools help pharma manufacturers consistently meet strict quality and safety standards.

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  • Improve quality

    Improve quality

    Pharma manufacturers must consistently adhere to stringent quality standards. Product safety and consistency are of the utmost importance.

    Braincube’s AI and ML solutions help pharma companies identify the ideal parameters to consistently meet quality regulations. With AI technology performing complex calculations and analyses, teams can focus on making production adjustments that improve quality and move the organization forward.

  • Ensure safety compliance

    Ensure safety compliance

    Millions of people rely on safe, high-quality pharmaceutical products each day. Producing safe products means pharma manufacturers must stay on-spec during every production run.

    Braincube solutions help frontline teams adhere to up-to-date production standards and meet strict compliance guidelines. Automated reports simplify and streamline compliance reporting for both internal and external stakeholders.

  • Detailed batch traceability

    Detailed batch traceability

    Enhanced product traceability means understanding the intricate details of how pharmaceutical products are made. Visibility into exact manufacturing conditions—both live and historical—provides pharma manufacturers with a wide range of optimization opportunities.

    Best-in-class Digital Twins enable you to bring visualization to the shopfloor, optimize recipes, or reduce energy. Granular production transparency enables teams to identify impacted batches, implement corrective actions when something goes wrong, and track long-term KPIs for continuous improvement.


Braincube’s IIoT Platform

  • Designed for pharmaceutical manufacturing

    Designed for pharmaceutical manufacturing

    Braincube solutions make it possible to track and consolidate each finalized product’s blueprint across its entire manufacturing cycle. Whether you want a detailed view of a single batch or a holistic view of all finished products, improved traceability data gives teams the information they need to continuously understand, improve, and optimize.

    Our tools equip you with the data you need to maximize production efficiency using the best manufacturing analytics AI algorithms. Using Braincube drives your continuous improvement projects forward, helping teams to make proactive decisions and respond to changes in the market.

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