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Advanced technologies, including the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), can immensely improve quality control measures and outcomes for food and beverage manufacturers.

  • Improve quality

    Improve quality

    Quality control is essential to producing foods and beverages that repeatedly satisfy customers and meet regulations.

    From live monitoring with triggered alerting to AI-augmented computer vision, Braincube provides a wide range of IIoT tools for improving product quality. Automate quality control detection, uncover hidden causes, and improve processes.

  • Improve compliance

    Improve compliance

    Operator adherence to production settings is vital to meeting quality, output, and efficiency KPIs.

    Digital tools make it easier for operators to stay within compliance, even when conditions change. Store optimal production settings to improve changeover times, build alerts for any performance drift, and tap into live data streams. Braincube’s self-service analytics tools ensure the right settings are in place at all times.

  • Optimize throughput

    Optimize throughput

    Changeovers, unexpected shutdowns, and sub-optimal asset performance all impact production efficiency for food and beverage manufacturers.

    IIoT offers a wide array of tools to improve productivity across the line. Automated alerting on critical conditions can keep things running smoothly. If new recipe parameters are identified, send them directly to the shop floor for immediate improvement.


Braincube’s IIoT Platform

  • Leveraging IIoT can help food manufacturers optimize production processes to reduce costs and waste, all while meeting—or exceeding—quality standards.

    Choose from off-the-shelf manufacturing BI apps, digital twins, and other solutions designed to make your life more convenient and your business results more attainable. We equip all teams with easy-to-use AI and analytics to democratize and scale value.

Food and beverage case studies
    Food and beverage case studies

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