Data solutions optimized for IT teams

Automated and secure data efficiency equals continuous value

Multiply the bandwidth of IT contributions with less manual effort

Future-proof systems for maximum impact

Personalized data at scale

Your data ecosystem is complicated, but getting teams the right data shouldn’t be. Reduce the grind of manual IT work with automated data pulling, consolidating, and cleansing from every necessary data point. Role-based data availability means less time churning through tickets and more time achieving strategic objectives.

Help other teams get the information they need with data enablement. 

Enjoy high-value work with interoperability

Don’t waste your highly valuable skill set on routine data consolidation. Braincube equips manufacturers with the data they need without manual data manipulation. Leveraging Kubernetes, REST API, and standard industrial protocols ensures seamless interoperability with your existing stack.

Plus, with the ability to integrate new technologies into legacy architectures, you can advance critical projects with less hassle and evolve your systems over time.

Safeguard your most valuable assets

Braincube upholds the highest security measures for your valuable data. In addition to ISO 2701 and ISO 9000 certifications, the platform includes security protocols like SSO, HTTP encryption, and system administrative control over account management.

Ensure teams get the data they need without compromising security.

By the numbers

reduction in IT tickets
approval on Gartner Peer Insights
monitored parameters during production

Expertise on-demand

  • Extend your valuable workforce by using our managed services. When you need to add a new data source, update a tag, or debug quickly, simply pass it to your designated Braincube team. You’ll have a team of data experts to support you with ongoing requests for simple or complex needs.

    We also have specialized teams to help you scale projects and accelerate time to value. Use our managed services for digital twin builds, IIoT integration, and more. Just validate the data protocols and let us build what your operations teams need.

Built for your success

We have helped manufacturers strengthen and future-proof their digital ecosystems for nearly 20 years. Here’s what some of our customers are saying on Gartner’s Peer Insights.


“Easy to integrate to any legacy platform. This is what makes the Braincube product a winner.”

— Industry 4.0 Enterprise Architect, Braincube Customer


“The teamwork with the technical support service of Braincube has played a key role in our continuous process improvement.”

— Project Engineer, Braincube Customer


“[Braincube] is quick to deploy and easy to learn. Their ability to structure data based on lag times is extremely valuable.”

— Digital Manufacturing Enterprise Architect, Braincube customer