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Braincube Breaks New Barrier: Live stream data and Edge analytics accessible from the Cloud

Braincube is the first company to offer a hybrid IIoT Platform allowing customers to simultaneously leverage live Stream Data and Big Data analytics from the Cloud.

The Braincube IIoT Platform is pushing new limits with its delivery of a new portal-type operating software that connects and transfers data from any device or system to a central location. For years, Braincube has offered an IIoT Platform with apps to make use of Live Data on Edge and apps running on Historical Data (Big Data) in the Cloud. Now, they are paving the way for their customers to accelerate their transformation with Edge analytics simultaneously available on data streams and historical data from the Cloud.

IoT Server is the gateway for better access to data streams and edge computing available in cloud.”

– Braincube CEO Laurent Laporte

This new functionality brings endless agility for industrials. Use this IoT Server to optimize set points with historical data and push those set points directly to a machine or any Edge device, or build a dashboard that captures your live and historical data all in one place.

A few key use cases from Braincube’s beta test group:

Monitor, Control, and Adapt

  • Configure Edge Data Flows using the drag-and-drop application to set-up, align, and use live data analytics apps in a few hours
  • Build company-wide dashboards, powered by live data streams from every plant into a powerful singular and up-to-date tracking system

Push Changes to Shop Floor Using Live Conditions

  • Automate analysis and dynamic calculations through the Advanced Analytics App Suite
  • Implement AI recommended settings on the shop floor, all adapted to real-time production conditions 
  • Set alerting specs, center-lining goals, and more with the ability to adjust based on changing conditions

Leverage Predictive and Prescriptive AI

  • Data Scientists can build, run, and manage predictive and prescriptive models from the Cloud
  • Create personalized reports that are always refreshed to reflect the most up-to-date information
  • Automate relevant data and custom report extraction into other systems such as Google Sheets, Excel, Python, and Tableau

Key Features


Leverage Braincube live Edge Data applications for condition monitoring, troubleshooting, predictive maintenance or other OEE tracking.


Connect to your Cloud for continuously updated and cleansed databases for better augmented analysis: leverage Machine Learning and build models.


Close the loop with real-time Edge data and contextualized historical data from the Cloud accessible in a single portal for advanced analytics.

The IoT Server is just another tool in Braincube’s product suite. The company continues to excel with its low-code/no-code apps that already put Big Data and Live Data analytics to use. This software upgrade makes the connectivity process more complete, straightforward, and even easier to implement for its customers.

Not only does the IoT Server help industrials view their cloud and edge data in a centralized dashboard and directly send AI discoveries to the shop floor for real-time recommendations using live production conditions, but it furthers the ability for deeper Machine Learning, optimizations, and benchmarking across the company.

The core of Braincube’s business model has always been to keep people at the center of its innovations. Customers now benefit from:


Refined Data Use

The Braincube IIoT Platform allows customers to leverage all their cloud and edge data sources in one centralized place and tap into generic apps to help with day-to-day tasks like analysis, alerting, and dashboards.


Endless Agility

The ability to quickly build any type of use cases through ready-to-use business apps as dashboards from complex Big Data analytics to modeling to visualization or alerts, all this from the Cloud.


Increased Flexibility

Customers can create new use cases that they build on demand through Braincube API or can make use of 70+ low-code/no-code apps and connectors.

Laurent Laporte continues, “We’ve always helped our customers become good data users and now, they can do even more—they have the power to build exactly what they need to display, analyze and share all with the right information at the perfect time. This is helping our customers drive their priorities, implement recommended set points, and more. IoT Servers allows industrials to build anything they want whenever they want.”

At first, the possibilities IoT Server unearths may be overwhelming to some manufacturers. However, it’s not about thinking of all of the possible use cases. It’s about narrowing down the best use cases that support a company’s data strategy.”

– Braincube Marketing Director, Becky Brown

Braincube customer needs vary from basic everyday live visualizations and monitoring to deep analyses with Machine Learning and AI to accelerating a new predictive model. This IoT Server offers an easy-to-access portal with live production data from all manufacturing systems and machines. Ready-to-use apps from the Braincube suite help customers improve day-to-day factory performance, and facilitate better tracking and knowledge sharing to ultimately achieve corporate initiatives.

Ready to see Braincube in action?

As Braincube continues to lead the way for manufacturing intelligence, they are confident that this new technology will help scale customer’s efforts to find new discoveries and continue to build data-driven organizations toward the best production practices and performance. 

In the highly competitive industry of manufacturing, Braincube believes that those industries who are challenging the status quo with the latest and greatest technology will continue their successes for many years to come.

“We have always believed and will continue to promote that any industrials with the right data and tools can be successful in a scalable, sustainable way,” summarizes Laporte.

Put an IoT Server on Edge, and you have the perfect live Data analytics product. Connect it to the Cloud, and now you have a continuously updated and cleansed database for better augmented analysis: leverage Machine Learning and build models. Finally, install an IoT Server in the Cloud to close the loop with real-time Edge data analytics AND contextualized historical data analytics accessible from the Cloud.

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