Why Transform with Braincube?

Manufacturing is at a crossroads. There is an enormous amount of pressure to move faster, optimize processes, digitize operations, and increase share. We’re inundated with literature around the need to ‘transform’ and move into Industry 4.0. And the talent-pool has been shrinking for the past decade. It may feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

That’s why we’re here! For the past decade, we’ve been empowering manufacturing companies around the world to help them connect, digitize and transform their operations.

Our clients describe Braincube as a cost and risk reduction tool, a continuous improvement program, and THE gold-standard of an Industry 4.0 solution for production.

Our product suite is flexible by design to be used from shop-floor to c-suite. We’ll collaborate with your teams to leverage a global roll out plan, ensuring you get the most value possible from your data. Structured data at your fingertips will empower your teams, optimize your processes, and increase your margins.

Whether you’re looking to get connected, adopt a new IIOT infrastructure, or become an autonomous factory, we have solutions that are flexible and personalized to your needs.

Learn more about how we help companies transform their operations.

The Braincube Approach

Braincube connects your siloed data (IOT)

We start by connecting all of your data, from any system (historian, MES, LIMS, Scada, etc.), in any format.

We centralize your data so that you have visualization into your processes including devices, people, and things.

Why isn’t IOT enough?

  • Data is centralized, but not necessarily in a ready-to-use format
  • Your data is not summarized in a way that provides actionable insight
  • All data is in one place, but the relationships of variables can be difficult to discern

Step 2: Augment »

Braincube augments the tedious and manual process of data cleaning, wrangling and manipulation with its proprietary middleware (Data visualization and management)

Our middleware continuously ingests your raw data, cleanses it, and provides a ready-to-use data set. It automates data manipulation and calculations.

We store an unlimited amount of data in private/public cloud or on-prem.

This eliminates the long and costly time needed to select, extract, transfer and prepare your data.

Is data management enough?

Even cleansed data has little to no context without a human initiating a study, or plugging it into an existing equation for better understanding. 

  • Data captures ’what happened’ keeping you in a reactive state.
  • Data is limited by a time-based association: what likely happened during an approximate period of time (ie production slowed down around 1 p.m. when machine X malfunctioned).

Your inputs and outputs are treated as separate entities and can only be cross-referenced in small quantities

Step 3: Build »

Braincube builds a dynamic model (digital twin), interrelating each of your process parameters. (Product traceability)

We use proprietary AI algorithms, process experts and internal programs to build a digital twin of your process from raw material to final product.

We link your inputs and outputs by applying dynamic time offsets (lag time) based on a model specific to your process.

You have structured, contextualized data that you can use at anytime on any line for any process.

You have the perfect dynamic model!  Now what?

  • Your raw data is constantly put in its context and is ready to be analyzed.
  • You have a fingerprint of all process conditions that went into that product unit by every product/batch/serial number.
  • Your need to understand how to improve one input without hurting another

Step 4: Transform »

Braincube gives you the power to transform: You maintain autonomy, flexibility, and adaptability. (Digital Transformation)

The only way to truly transform is to address all of your parameters globally at the same time.  The Braincube product suite:

  • Aggregates all of your data in a centralized environment
  • Augments your data analysis, visualization, and collaboration efforts with 20 OI Applications
  • Provides a continuously updated digital twin, which you can use to:
    • find the optimal operating conditions based on past performance
    • troubleshoot, innovate, perform predictive maintenance, find new revenue streams and more.

Continuous improvement from here forward!

  • 20 OI Apps are ready to use for analysis, collaboration, and data visualization.
  • Move from a reactive state to proactive state.
  • Data-driven culture with no biases.
  • Scale best practices and findings globally.
  • Capture process knowledge in a collaborative environment
  • Responsive to changing business needs.
  • Leverage proprietary AI and machine learning techniques to optimize processes and reduce cost and risk.

Step 5: Results »

Turn your data into valuable information with Braincube

See how our clients have transformed their processes with their digital twin(s) from Braincube:

The Braincube Human Impact

In addition to transforming processes, we strive to make daily work easier and more fulfilling. The Braincube product suite lends itself to collaboration across departments who oftentimes work in isolation from each other. Share best practices, new discoveries, and troubleshoot across departments so that you can seamlessly scale your savings company-wide.

By giving you access to useable data, we help make you teams highly productive and grant you with full autonomy to solve the challenges that matter most to you.


Improve margins with responsive teams and operations.

Make your teams more efficient with a big data powerhouse that quickly crunches the numbers. Braincube helps optimize your process, resulting in more efficient and empowered teams—all with lowered margins. Access to continuously structured data affords you more time to problem-solve, innovate, and continuously improve your process. Our goal is to help your company be highly competitive in a scalable and sustainable way.

Process Engineers

Spend your time fixing problems instead of fixing data.

Braincube helps you maximize your time with ready-to-use structured data and off- the-shelf enterprise apps. Use the Braincube toolset to track your KPIs, access live data, build charts in minutes, and complete short and long term studies to optimize processes. Braincube exponentially improves your ability to be leaner, more agile, and responsive to any and all business needs.


Leverage your best performances and stay compliant.

Braincube identifies the best operation settings by pulling out the best parameters from past runs. Now your teams can repeat your best work time and time again. Monitor and control processes from one place with your real-time Braincube Live dashboard. Staying in compliance and monitoring vital parameters has never been easier.

Data Scientists

Multiply your efficiency with access to cleansed, structured data.

Gone are the endless hours spent cleaning data and building complex codes and algorithms. Braincube gives you access to your company’s data—updated in real-time—and offers an app suite to help you crunch massive amounts of data in minutes. You get to focus on making decisions that drive progress forward.

“Without Braincube we only have a lot of different databases with no link between one another. Braincube allows us to have a software which interrelates all of our databases together.”

Braincube Customer

Transform your data.
Accelerate your performance.

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