Digital twins built by context, structured for results

Braincube’s Digital Twins add dynamic, by-product context to your data so you can solve your biggest manufacturing challenges faster.

Optimized data for optimal impact

Digital twins capture data from your systems, assets, and manual inputs providing a continuous stream of production performance data that is ready to use. 

Braincube-powered Digital Twins associate production data with specific process stages, making it possible to get a comprehensive production blueprint of every product you make. With contextualized production data readily available in a usable format, teams can tackle any business challenge ranging from process health to sustainability. 

Data on-demand for expedited analyses

Digital twins eliminate the grunt work of manual data cleaning, giving you the capacity to focus on more valuable work—two hours per day on average, per engineer, according to our customers. There’s no need to wait for formatting, cleansing, or syncing: all your data sources are captured and contextualized automatically. Automated data preparation means you can address problems faster and optimize with greater accuracy.

Production data precision for better results

Using production data averages or estimates results in inadequate analyses. Braincube’s Digital Twins utilize comprehensive, built-to-suit process map replicas that mirror the exact conditions within your factory. These virtual blueprints make it easier to account for high variance, including variable lag times within a single process. Data sources are continuously aggregated and contextualized by product. This makes it easier to pinpoint optimal parameters, make guaranteed process optimizations, and repeat your best work for every run.

Use contextualized data where, when, and how you want

Your Braincube license includes unlimited users, encouraging all teams to benefit from data. Data is readily accessible for use in any third-party system or application, meaning you can still use the programs you love best. Accelerate more efficient problem-solving by using data in Braincube’s manufacturing-native applications, designed to help you solve both common and complex challenges.

Customer results

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$0 million
saved annually on a single process
0 hours
saved per day, per engineer

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Digital twin case studies

For over 15 years, Braincube’s Digital Twins have helped leading manufacturers continuously achieve their goals. Hear from some of our customers in these digital twin success stories.

Managed services

  • Extend your valuable workforce by using our managed services. Your designated Braincube team handles adding new data sources, updating tags, debugging quickly, and other data tasks that keep you on track. Our team of data experts supports your ongoing requests for simple or complex needs.

    We also have specialized teams to help you scale projects and accelerate time to value. Use our managed services for digital twin builds, IIoT integration, and more. Just validate the data protocols and let us build what your operations teams need.

See what Braincube can do for you

Turn data into actionable insights that transform operations.

“With Braincube, we have all process parameters included in our Digital Twin, including the machine parameters, which will enable initiatives like predictive maintenance.

That’s what sets Braincube’s Digital Twin approach apart from others: it’s all-encompassing.”

Joanne Boyd

Global Service Manager—Advanced Analytics, Data Platform, and Innovation at Sappi