Dow Chemical

Robust data mining engine that analyzes large amounts of data

In the Benelux, 5.5 million tons of plastics and chemicals are produced annually.

Dow decided to implement Braincube at their main production in the Netherlands. They looked at Braincube to structure and contextualize their steam, gas, and power data, which was scattered across several units and systems.

Ultimately, they were looking to improve their energy efficiency. In addition, Dow was looking to:

  • merge indicators, settings, KPIs, etc. into one data depository location for all energy variables
  • notice real-time changes of plant energy demand and be able to adjust operating parameters to maintain best efficiency
  • set a short interval control of critical operating parameters on the shop floor, and in daily and weekly reviews
  • explore all available data to identify and select critical process variables with the most impact on the objective
  • determining optimal operating range for selected process variables
  • provide a user friendly self-explanatory visual tool to assist with continuous improvement
  • take advantage of Braincube’s proprietary AI Cross-Rank technology to identify data artifacts such as outliers, nonnormality, etc.
  • reach optimal cost and efficiency

Dow used Braincube as a robust data mining engine, to seamlessly analyze large amounts of data.  “The Braincube methodology enabled us to go beyond what we have done with existing tools,” said Tanguy Appert, their former Continuous Improvement Leader EMEAI Manufacturing & Engineering

Appert found Braincube to be simple for the user, handle large data sets quickly and was an all-in-one tool for analysis.   The Braincube solution covers the fundamental problem of identifying root causes to respectively unplanned events and better performance.

Braincube enabled us to go beyond what we have done with existing tools.

Tanguy Appert, Continuous Improvement Leader
EMEAI Manufacturing & Engineering
The Dow Chemical Company

Thanks to an on-site implementation facilitated by Braincube, “we managed to deliver an immediate improvement and we keep unveiling new opportunities” he said.

Dow is now embarking on the third stage of their sustainability journey with ambitious goals aimed for 2025. Their seven sustainability goals will help lead a global transition to sustainability by unlocking the potential of people and science.

Their passion and creativity of people drive innovation at the intersection of the sciences, which in turn generates value for business, humanity and the environment.

Dow considers nature in strategic business decisions because it is the right thing to do for people, planet and business and because the health of people, planet and business are intrinsically linked.

Collaboration in new and deeper ways across the public and private sectors is essential for the transition to a sustainable planet and society.

Dow continues to work with Braincube to achieve their sustainability goals, and enjoys an optimized process as part of their implementation.


Dow Chemical Company is a leading producer of plastics, chemicals, hydrocarbons, and agrochemicals. Dow was incorporated in 1897. It is the largest chemical company in the U.S. and the largest in the world.  Dow combines chemistry, biology and physics to create innovative products in several key markets.



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