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Aubert & Duval: Building a corporate energy management strategy using AI

Aubert & Duval, a leading European-based metals manufacturer, strives to minimize its environmental impact by reducing CO2 emissions, creating more sustainable practices, and implementing other energy management efficiencies that generate savings.

Energy costs comprise a significant portion of metal manufacturing, sometimes as high as 50% of the total production costs. As energy prices continue to rise, Aubert & Duval recognized that they needed an advanced solution to help them address their energy management needs and reduce costs.

Their Ancizes site found that Braincube helped people feel more connected to their work and progress. The company can visibly see its efforts pay off.

Key results in this case study:
  • 19% reduction in gas consumption
  • Improved predictive analytics for cost-saving energy reductions
  • Significant time savings on monthly and weekly energy performance reports
  • Standardized energy management strategy for scaling across the organization

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“Braincube’s Digital Twins give constant access to contextualized information at any time and from anywhere, allowing us to set an energy data-driven strategy. We can uncover the most significant drivers of energy usage, plus track and report on our Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs).”

Benoit Cugnet, Energy Engineer at Aubert & Duval Ancizes

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