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Improve costs and reduce variability with customizable, real-time dashboards

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“If we can’t reduce our variability, we really can’t implement projects that move our operations consistently forward. Studio makes it easier for teams at all levels to understand what’s happening, why, and how to improve.”

—Andrew Jones, Senior Engineer Fellow, International Paper


International Paper (IP) strives to achieve their operational excellence goals and minimize costs by reducing variability. However, IP encountered obstacles with unsuitable data sources due to latency, data silos, and inflexible tools that hinder progress. 

IT teams manually managed data, customized dashboards, and constructed production standard templates whenever required. Unfortunately, these manual processes have resulted in a bottleneck in production efficiency, impeding progress. 

To overcome these challenges, IP wanted a versatile solution that could enhance team productivity, ensure compliance, and enable seamless data workflows. Even though IP has utilized digital solutions for many years, they continuously pursue technological tools that upskill employees  The right data visualization solution would be flexible for non-technical teams to use, freeing up IT teams to work on higher-value tasks.

Braincube’s Studio App


By utilizing Braincube, IP can equip its teams with real-time data insights that minimize variability and stabilize production. 

IP worked with Braincube to build a series of dynamic real-time Studio dashboards for each operation unit. These dashboards include critical operating standards and prescriptive action on how to course-correct when settings go out of spec, making it possible for operators to address critical events quickly.

Employees can also access automatically generated reports from previous batches to identify trends and best practices, reinforcing their continuous improvement efforts. These tools enable teams to reduce set point drift and repeat golden runs (i.e. the optimal settings for every run) to make progress on process stability goals. 

In the future, IP plans to scale Braincube’s Studio dashboards to all of their production facilities making them easily accessible for operators at over 25 sites worldwide.

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