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Ofi increases throughput by 25% with real-time data visualization

Minimize bottlenecks identified by Braincube’s Advanced Apps


quality score for eight consecutive months after implementing Braincube
yield increase on a key product line
throughput improvement


ofi aimed to stabilize one of their product lines and improve yield. Teams manually collected data and performed calculations, but they lacked the technology needed to obtain the necessary level of detail required to drastically improve production. 

The team knew that access to the right data would enable them to scale their continuous improvement strategy and pinpoint key sources of variability. To effectively tackle the complex issue of improving quality, it was important for the teams at ofi to have access to a strong data visualization tool to differentiate between process and production performance.

How could the right data visualization tool maximize their efficiency while achieving their high-quality standards?

Braincube’s Live App


After implementing Braincube, ofi’s SMEs could quickly analyze data and determine the optimal settings, ranges, and temperatures for reducing variation. These validated settings were displayed alongside real-time data directly to operators on the shop floor. New data was then fed back into the system for further improvement opportunities. 

“Braincube’s visualization tools give us enhanced clarity on the data. It’s not just teams talking about these issues in a generic sense. We can get detailed ranges that help us better understand specific problems.”

– GK Lee, Process and Data Analytics Manager at ofi

Braincube’s data visualization tools supported ofi’s continuous improvement efforts and facilitated data democratization. Utilizing Braincube’s self-service analytics tools, ofi’s teams identified and minimized bottlenecks on a key product line, leading to a 6.5% improvement in yield and a 25% increase in throughput. These combined efforts helped ofi consistently achieve a higher quality score and improved customer satisfaction.  

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