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Customer spotlight: International Paper (IP)


As part of its operational excellence objectives, International Paper (IP) wanted to improve their costs by reducing variability. IP has a wide range of data sources, many of which face latency, silos, and inflexible tools for today’s business needs. They needed a flexible solution that could improve the teams’ efficiency, maintain compliance, and facilitate more seamless data workflows.

Braincube’s IIoT Platform enabled IP’s teams to utilize historical and real-time data from a variety of data sources. The company recently brought in Braincube’s Studio, a no-code/low-code application for building custom dashboards. Leveraging Studio within their IIoT platform enables IP to further improve operator acceptance of adhering to process limits, automate quality reporting, and improve production between each run.

Armed with a robust 4.0 tool set, IP’s teams can think creatively and critically about their production processes and outcomes. These new technologies and workflows help IP continue paving the way for manufacturing excellence in a highly competitive market.

In this case study, you’ll:
  • see how a world-class manufacturer successfully develops and implements 4.0 use cases
  • learn about effective dashboarding and data storytelling tools
  • discover the unique value that Braincube’s Studio App brings to IP’s Edge analytics implementation
  • uncover new ways that IIoT tools can help:
    • identify and reduce variability
    • repeat Golden Runs
    • amplify knowledge sharing
    • expand your workforce’s capabilities

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