Sappi case study: scaling Industry 4.0 tools in paper manufacturing

Third-party solutions, successful change management, and engaged leadership

Sappi, a world-renowned market leader in paper and packaging manufacturing, wanted to fast-track its Industry 4.0 strategy. Specifically, they wanted to find new discoveries that they could use for enterprise standards.

In just two years, Sappi has made tremendous strides in its digital transformation journey, rolling out to multiple plants around the world. Combining best-in-class advanced analytics software and company expertise, Sappi scaled from the pilot phase to a global rollout at numerous sites around the world. Their implementation has rapidly advanced their data enablement, leading to strong results in just two years.


As part of their sustainability journey, Sappi needed a Cloud and Edge platform solution that enabled them to set governance standards at the enterprise level. They also wanted to equip their domain experts with data science tools. 


Sappi rapidly advanced its data enablement efforts, bringing actionable insights directly to the shop floor at multiple mills across the globe. With Braincube’s IIoT Platform and custom-built Digital Twins and Altair’s (RapidMiner) robust modeling, Sappi can now go from idea to model to execution. This closes the production loop by integrating SME expertise, models, and structured data.

Learn how third-party solutions, successful change management, and engaged leadership helped Sappi find global digital transformation success.

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Partnering with Braincube has been key in helping Sappi stay on track to meet an ambitious goal: building ~165 Digital Twins across 18 mills within a 3-year time period.

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