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What successful operations managers do differently

Successful operations directors are driving ahead of competitors with open-minded teams and a future-state mentality. This guide shares real strategies used by effective operations leaders who are navigating change, increasing profits, and motivating teams to achieve more.

Let’s get technical

Many of the tools used by engineering teams—for example, Excel and PowerBI—are no longer sufficient for engineering teams to tackle the complexity of today’s manufacturing challenges. Fortunately, Braincube’s Digital Twins help you use data to improve profits with dynamic, contextualized insights. See why engineers love Braincube’s Digital Twins.

Innovative digital twin technolgies for visionary technical teams

Gartner® Research: “Emerging Tech: Tech Innovators for Digital Twins — IT Providers.”

In this latest Gartner® Research, we believe you can learn forward-thinking ways to build out your advanced analytics layer. This includes seeing how digital twins can help companies differentiate, improve profitability, and derive new value from data.

Digital twin case studies

Braincube’s Digital Twins have helped leading manufacturers continuously achieve their goals for over 15 years. See how in these digital twin customer success stories.

The ROI of digital twins

Digital twins for your industry



Steelmaking is a long and complex process. Here, we present some of the top reasons steelmakers use digital twins for advanced traceability during lengthy production cycles.

Glass Production

Glass production

Glass manufacturers today face complicated problems on both ends of the production cycle. Here are six ways glass producers overcome today’s difficulties using technology, reducing the impact of future challenges.



As food manufacturers press forward amid tumultuous times, there’s never been a more imperative time for food manufacturers to bring in digital twins and Industry 4.0 technology.

See what Braincube can do for you

Turn data into actionable insights that transform operations.

“With Braincube, we have all process parameters included in our Digital Twin, including the machine parameters, which will enable initiatives like predictive maintenance.

That’s what sets Braincube’s Digital Twin approach apart from others: it’s all-encompassing.”

Joanne Boyd

Global Service Manager—Advanced Analytics, Data Platform and Innovation at Sappi