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Guide: What do the most successful Manufacturing Operations Directors do differently?

Manufacturing operations directors are balancing higher performance expectations with even fewer resources. External factors, combined with working in a continuously reactive state, make it difficult to manage day-to-day operations and develop a long-term strategy.

The good news is that success stories do exist—and their proven strategies can be easier to implement than it may seem. Successful manufacturing operations directors have identified strategies and tactics that work to bring their teams into the present and future state.

This guide highlights real examples of manufacturing operations directors who have motivated their teams to achieve more in the face of change. Whether they have implemented strategies to drive greater efficiency or shifted the employee mindset to be more future-focused, these strategies can help operations leaders move the needle on some of the most pressing challenges facing teams today.

Download the guide to see how you, too, can implement these successful strategies.

In this guide, you’ll:
  • see how to leverage tenured employees for improved employee buy-in for new methodologies and tools
  • learn how to use data and digitalization to work with you (and your teams), not against you
  • see real-world results from a variety of companies that successfully implemented these (and other) digital manufacturing tactics
  • learn how to shift employees from a reactive state to an action-oriented, proactive culture

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How do Digital Twins help different manufacturing teams?

Download this complimentary infographic to learn how Digital Twins help different teams within your manufacturing organization, ranging from the shop floor to the C-Suite.

 Digital Twin case study: Avril

Avril’s implementation of Braincube led to better sales and storage forecasts, the implementation of dashboards to track relevant KPIs, and autonomy to make improvements based on changing business and economic needs.


See it in action: Braincube’s Digital Twin

See how Braincube’s unique Digital Twin uncovers root cause, identifies and prevents defects, and optimizes processes, despite changes in production. Not all manufacturing Digital Twins are the same—explore Braincube’s product offering.

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