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[On-demand webinar] How to get the most out of your digital twins

Digital twins are essential in achieving operational excellence. They can process complex data continuously and enable teams to identify the most significant factors in a process. Utilizing digital twins enables teams to allocate their resources towards more productive endeavors rather than spend time on data preparation.

But what practical value or ROI can manufacturers expect from digital twins? In this webinar, we outline the tangible benefits that digital twins can bring to manufacturers of all sizes and industries.

Watch the full presentation on-demand to learn:

  • Key considerations when building a digital twin, including how to set clear objectives and obtain precise process mapping
  • Three compelling use cases of Digital Twins in manufacturing focused on the following industries:
    • Food and beverage (coffee)
    • Oil and Gas
    • Aerospace
  • How digital twins can help teams achieve valuable KPIs, including:
    • Energy efficiency and sustainability
    • Operational excellence
    • Quality
    • Reliability

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