Edge Platform

React and adapt in a flash with automated real-time data transformation, visualizations, and insights for the shop floor

The Braincube Edge Platform provides an end-to-end solution for your connectivity, data transformation, and self-service analytics live data needs. Our pre-built nodes, connectors and apps expedite your time to go live and get ROI. Improve day-to-day factory performance with real-time visualization and insights. Whether you are looking to quickly improve process stability, compliance, or quality, getting access to meaningful live data insights is essential in transforming your operations.

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  • Improve margins with better asset health and stability

    Improve margins with better asset health and stability

    Bring data visibility to your shop floor with apps that display live asset health, production conditions, and standards. This helps improve compliance with more consistent quality and performance. Real-time insights also fast-track your ability to uncover and solve machines causing costly downtime and accelerate your predictive maintenance strategy.

  • Increase operational efficiency

    Increase operational efficiency

    Better access to your live data helps improve efficiency with clear guidance powered on analytics. Implement dynamic data-driven decisions using Braincube Edge apps to automate your condition monitoring, alerting, and process control at scale.

  • Give teams the data and context they need to excel

    Give teams the data and context they need to excel

    The Braincube Data Flows Manager offers a robust library of pre-built components to accelerate the time to configure data pipelines. Deliver trusted, ready-to-use data to any system or team through a drag-and-drop visual editor. Access to reliable and shared information unifies teams and makes your successes simpler to scale.

Edge analytics apps


Studio’s low-code/no-code interface makes it easier than ever to embed or integrate any data source into custom dashboards.

Live Plant Floor

Monitor real-time production conditions and display production standards directly into the shop floor.

Machines’ Performance Tracker

Monitor real-time performances of a group of machines (or any production asset) and get alerted if one machine is underperforming compared to others or its usual performance.


Track real-time OEE and get insights on why conditions are below the ideal potential.

Braincube Edge Platform benefits

Instant visualizations and insights into live conditions

A plug-and-play technology that shows you what’s happening on your lines without delay. Empower teams to leverage round-the-clock views of conditions and standards, track critical parameters, and asset health to improve reaction times, quality, and efficiency.

Collaboration and knowledge retention

Align your teams with a central portal that brings your data to life. With easy-to-access and use insights, teams will save valuable time and be able to collaborate more efficiently. Capture employees’ knowledge on troubleshooting, RCA, and strategy adjustments.

Quick to set-up and scale

Fully interoperable with IT/OT infrastructures, Braincube’s Edge Platform has pre-built components that allow you to connect and make use of your data on Edge. Digitize your operations with a data pipeline that continuously delivers trusted, ready-to-use live data to all of the systems and people that require it.

Built-in personalization

Easily configure data flows, apps, and user profiles to expand data-driven decisions throughout your organization. Operators, engineers, and managers have full autonomy to access streaming data at any time. Customizable settings let you can manage your data, while empowering employees to adapt use cases to their own needs.


Data Flows Manager

The Braincube Data Flows Manager is a highly visual, low-code/no-code environment where both technical and/or non-technical teams (citizen data scientists) can configure your Edge architecture. Teams can create preferred data behaviors, including cleaning, preparing, and transforming real-time data into meaningful and ready-to-use data that can be used in apps and other software.

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Turn real-time data into actionable insights that transform operations.

Studio makes it easier for teams at all levels to understand what’s happening, why, and how to improve.

— Andrew Jones

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