Customer Spotlight: Decathlon

In a Sprint Toward Industry 4.0

Leveraging Data Streams to Improve Daily Performance

High-quality. Sustainable. Cost-effective.

This is the premise of Decathlon’s retail athletic products. In order to accelerate their digitalization efforts at their plant in northern France, they sought an Edge solution to provide insight into daily performance through streaming data.

Decathlon selected the Siemens Edge Factory Box powered by Braincube Edge Apps to better monitor and control production

Our ambition was to be able to devote ourselves to analyzing data and making decisions, and not simply collecting it. 

— Vincent Poquet, Director of the Jetlane Site

Centralizing Data into a Customized Solution

With objectives ranging from improving performance, profitability, competitiveness, agility, and even safety, Decathlon needed a customized, wholistic solution to gain access to their disparate real-time and Cloud data in one centralized platform. Their tailored solution comprised of data centralization with internal storage (through an Edge solution), external storage (via the Cloud), and hybrid (Edge and Cloud connection).

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