Visualize production data with ease with Braincube’s Studio App

Combine data from all manufacturing systems to create custom, interactive data analysis and visualization dashboards.

Want to see Braincube in action?

Want to see Braincube in action?


Centralize, share, and scale data autonomy with Studio

Unify data from different IT/OT systems into a dynamic data visualization workspace. Studio’s visual drag-and-drop interface enables you to control how data is organized and displayed, making it possible to build specific visualizations catered to specific needs and preferences.

Upgrade your daily work with data

  • Build on-demand, not from scratch

    Build on-demand, not from scratch

    Use Studio’s visual editor to dynamically display data from any production system. Highly personalizable, the Braincube library lets you easily create the use case framework you need to achieve your KPIs.

    Studio’s intuitive, customizable workspace enables employees of all technical skill levels to build Studio dashboards that fit any goal, objective, or need—without requiring coding or developer expertise.

  • Automate operational visibility

    Automate operational visibility

    Transformed data is automatically incorporated into interactive dashboards without relying on other teams for manual manipulation. Braincube uses standard industrial protocols such as MQTT, HTTP, and OPC UA, automating data flows between devices, machines, and systems.

  • Collaborate to scale success

    Collaborate to scale success

    Efficiently integrate new product lines, use cases, or sites—regardless of different infrastructures—with standardized templates that allow you to copy, share, and adapt data sources. These modular components can be easily reused across multiple flows or shared with others.

Meet Studio:

the ultimate industrial data visualization tool

Data integration across the organization

Transformative data visualization for the entire company

Data analysis and visualization with Studio

A Braincube building materials customer was advanced in their digital transformation journey toward Industry 4.0 at the corporate level. However, many of their IIoT use cases were focused on specific factories or teams.

Instead of purchasing yet another technology for their stack, they decided to leverage Braincube’s Studio App to simultaneously view, analyze, and implement discoveries across the organization.

Studio serves as their Industry 4.0 portal, centralizing their manufacturing data into useable information that is hyper-personalized by each end user’s needs.

What sets Braincube apart is that it brings together a lot of these different tools that we use to import data, push data, manipulate data, and analyze data.

Tyler Shirley, Asset Development, Electrical Engineer at Kimberly-Clark