Machines’ Performance Tracker App

Focus improvement efforts on a group of machines to boost performance in real-time

With Machines’ Performance Tracker, operators can focus on the machines with the lowest performance among a group of machines in real-time. Offering visibility on the performance of each machine compared to related assets or its own historical performance, the app automatically sends alerts to the right person when there is a machine underperforming.

Compare a fleet of assets against each other or each asset’s typical performance to improve OEE.

Machines’ Performance Tracker tracks the real-time performance of a group of machines or any production asset. You can receive notifications automatically when a machine is identified as underperforming compared to the machine group (regardless of the asset brand) or compared to its own typical performance.

Leverage the Braincube Machines’ Performance Tracker App to:

Improve troubleshooting response time

Fast track your predictive maintenance strategy by automating the collection and processing of multi-machine data. Identify the specific machine that is underperforming or needing maintenance and solve why machines are causing dips in production or quality. 

Identify opportunities among group of machines

As manufacturers strive to scale their data, findings, and optimizations, Machines’ Performance Tracker offers a collective lens into a wider perspective on all machines producing the same product. Multiply your team with automated findings and alerts across multiple congruent machines.

Focus shop floor efforts on the biggest impact

Take the guesswork out of where you need to focus your efforts. Increase your margins by improving the OEE, decreasing the defect rate, or intervening before any type of decrease in performance occurs. From there, scale these learnings to other facilities globally to improve your bottomline.


Case Study:
Improve margins through reduced variability

A Braincube building materials customer was looking to improve quality by reducing product variability caused by machine stability. Improved visibility into real-time machine performance (using the Machines’ Performance Tracker App) enabled them to pinpoint assets as they began to drift and intervene before it resulted in a product defect.

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The alert system has allowed us to detect problems and intervene before they cause productivity loss.

— A Braincube building materials customer