Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Monitor real-time productivity metrics

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) with automated real-time calculations for any or all of your assets and other performance metrics. You’ll also receive insights on why you are underperforming in real-time, making it easy to adjust your shop floor strategies.

The OEE App is included in the Condition Monitoring App Package. To learn more, click here.

OEE often is time intensive and tedious to calculate due to siloed or unprepared data. This complexity often means process engineers are uncovering optimizations long after production is done and operators can’t adapt until future runs.

What if you could ensure you are running at maximum capacity at all times? And if not, find out why to react in real-time and improve faster?

Leverage the Braincube OEE App to:

Monitor real-time OEE to improve quality and processes for any asset.
Get insights on the reasons why conditions are below full potential.
Save time with automated calculation of widely-shared industrial KPIs such as OOE, TEEP, and more.
Adapt shop floor strategy and production plannings on the fly with real-time OEE.
Scale operators efforts with real-time information.
Increase efficiency and cost savings by analyzing OEE across assets and sites throughout the organization.

Case Study:
Data without limits

Arjowiggins wanted to use their data in a more meaningful way to help them solve process issues and manage production controls. Braincube built a structured Digital Twin using Arjowiggins’ historical data. Now, Arjowiggins’ teams are empowered to improve operational processes and resolve problems on a daily basis.

Braincube made it possible for us to change our paradigm: Find a ‘smart’ way to use all our available data.

— Jacques Pierucci, Graphic Branch Senior Process Expert at Arjowiggins