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Achieve more with your data


Our Braincube Cloud solutions help you reach peak performance at every plant around the world. 

To truly optimize your operations, you don’t just need access to your data. You need access to the right data and you need to be able to use it to impact your operations.  

Contextualized Data Model of Your Process


The Braincube Cloud platform builds a contextualized data model known as a Digital Twin of your entire process from raw materials to finished product.

You then have a centralized data center with continuously structured production information, giving you real-time information 24/7.

What’s the value of a Digital Twin?

Your contextualized data model was built using our proprietary calculations to account for lag time. Your teams can move from time-based association analysis into product-based association so that you can optimize, innovate, or improve customer satisfaction.

Our Advanced Analytics apps help you uncover the exact conditions that were used for a specific roll of paper, a batch of tires, or a pallet of shingles.

Your data is continuously structured through our middleware, so that you have access to your cleansed data. With a digital twin built by Braincube, you can get a clear understanding of real-time visibility. We take into account lag time, flow, and incorporate relevant parameters from raw materials to finished product so that you have a fingerprint of every single product on your line.

Your teams will be able to move from an approximation of what might have happened during a certain run or at a certain time, to seeing EXACTLY what is happening in real-time.

You can then even start to understand ‘what would happen if?’ scenarios. 

With instant access to your clean data set, your teams can spend their time fixing problems–instead of fixing data. 

From centerlining to dashboarding to benchmarking, our proprietary AI algorithms will give your teams the powers to troubleshoot on the fly, take on short and long-term projects, all so that you can better understand how to reduce cost and risk. Then use that discovery at each line, at each plant.

Your digital twin will take into account every single parameter of your production process, configure it appropriately by lag time, and give you real-life data on your process.

The Braincube algorithms help you identify the variability in your process, stack ranking each parameter, so you can simultaneously make adjustments that have a positive impact on cost, quality, and risk.

You’ll be able to fully understand how your parameters are interrelated so that you can make adjustments on the appropriate inputs without having a negative impact upstream in your process.

Woman looking on Braincube Cloud Platform data on monitor in factory

Braincube combines data from different sources and allows quick and powerful analysis of that data to help us understand relationships between parameters.

Plant Manager and Current Braincube Customer

Cleansed and Centralized Data

cloud platform database

Imagine readily available data, that is structured and ready to use. With Braincube’s Cloud, we eliminate the long and costly time needed to select, extract, transfer and prepare your data.

Your teams simply visit their Braincube account to see data in real-time, allowing them to pivot on the fly or deep dive into a longer project.

How do you benefit from cleansed, centralized data?

Structured Data saves you time (and money!) so your teams can focus on solving problems, instead of cleansing data. And because you have access to your data at any time in any place, you can react faster, getting even more value from augmented data structuration. Data scientists, process engineers, and production teams find that the ability to have information readily available increases their efficiency by 400%.

Accelerate your production KPIs by combining data from different sources into one useable data set in the cloud. You are then able to answer complex problems that rely on AI and machine learning to find methods for complete OEE and optimization. Your performance is more optimized because you have the information you need to implement the best settings.

You have instant access to real-time information on any line at your plants. Pull up your KPIs for reference in a corporate meeting, use reports to streamline your morning huddles, or troubleshoot on the fly. Because your data is centralized, your options for data utilization are limitless.

Your company will benefit from increased efficiency through your shared repository of your data. You’ll then be able to quickly collaborate across departments, locations, and lines of business so that you can exponentially increase your savings through uncovered knowledge.

cloud big data analytics platform

Our quality complaint investigation process has been made wildly more efficient by utilizing Braincube. The level of analysis and number of variables I can look at in just a few minutes is a massive improvement.

Operations Manager and Braincube Customer

Solutions tailored to your needs

cloud business intelligence apps

We offer a variety of packages centered around your needs as a customer. From data visualization to the autonomous factory, we offer solutions to meet you where you are in your digital transformation journey.

Our experts will find the best connectivity offer to help you scale your efforts to get more out of your IIoT solution.

You have options for your cloud to be managed on-prem, in a public cloud, in your private cloud, or within the Braincube Cloud. Braincube solutions provide an infrastructure to connect your machines, systems, and people, but the best method for storage is up to you.

Your Braincube delivery team ensures that you have what you need to get up and running quickly. We’ll teach you the Braincube product suite and set you up with best practices so that you can maximize the value of the Braincube solution. Our proven standards have been utilized at more than 250 companies around the world.

The Braincube Cloud and ready-to-use app suite is an all-encompassing solution that gives you complete control of data and decisions. Constant, live access to your process flows keeps your organization flexible and capable of pivoting to ever-evolving, changing business needs.

By combining data from different sources into one useable data set, you are able to answer complex problems that rely on AI and machine learning to find methods for OEE and optimization. Our apps will help you gain new insights to optimize your performance. And because your Big Data is continuously structured, you can focus your time on high-level thinking.

Our data management and storage eliminate the long and costly time needed to select, extract, transfer, and prepare your data. Use our cloud platform to manage, track, and comply with your corporate or plant KPIs. Take advantage of a centralized data system from anywhere with internet access.

Factory worker on the line smiling at camera working on braincube cloud platform

In the past, it would have taken us a whole day to analyze far less complex databases. But now, in just a few minutes, we benefit from our investment in very specific ways.

Director, Weber Saint Gobain