Years later, Braincube is still helping Safran with their continuous improvement strategies

Safran started working with Braincube in 2012, running a pilot project to make sure that Braincube had the ability to structure their vast amount of data.  They had been searching for a user-friendly tool that could increase collaboration across departments, as well as export their data into a clean format.

Their initial objective was to reduce the variability during the production of carbon discs. At Safran, the carbon disc production process is highly complex, and is needed to provide optimal braking performance as efficiently as possible, which is an important company objective.

Integrating Braincube primarily gave us the opportunity to achieve optimal and consistent quality on our production lines.

They worked with their local Braincube team to collect and structure every piece of data from their production process to find the relevant production parameters. This led to millions of data points given the number of parameters and the length of the process.

They also restructured their databases to respond to the different production stages so they could integrate new programs and equipment. Together, the teams developed correlations between expected braking performance and the key production parameters. 

Implementing Braincube helped them achieve optimal and consistent quality on their production lines. The pilot quickly showed that the achieved performance results met their specification criteria.

“Thanks to Braincube, we are keeping on top of key parameters during each stage of the process. This means we are able to adjust manufacturing parameters to achieve the final braking performance required,” said Christophe Joubert, the Industrial VP of Wheels & Brakes.

Once this pilot program had worked in the way we anticipated, we decided to deploy Braincube across all our carbon processes and all group carbon production sites.

Once this pilot program had worked in the way we anticipated, we decided to deploy Braincube across all our carbon processes and all group carbon production sites. Several years later, they still use Braincube as a tool to continually improve our production lines.

Since Braincube, Safran has significantly improved production, saved on primary materials and better managed its processes. The next stage will be to use Braincube to better exploit certain specification ranges by using observation intervals, and to finetune our manufacturing processes.

Every parameter counts when trying to achieve a 100-meter improvement in braking distance. We know that Braincube is specifically designed to address these issues and help us reach our goals.

“We are won over by this Auvergne business and have for a long time recommended the firm both within Safran as well as within other Group companies. Braincube‚Äôs strong growth and international ambitions reflect the value of their product and their services,” said Christophe.


Safran Landing Systems is a world leader in aircraft landing and braking systems for airplanes and helicopters. They are known for their advanced engineering techniques and collaborate with more than 30 civil and military aircraft manufacturers, including Airbus, who they’ve worked with for more than 30 years.

They also produce landing gear, wheels and brakes, systems equipment (steering, extension and retraction systems, braking and surveillance systems).



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