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Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over the Human Workforce?


Industry 4.0: What does digital transformation mean for factory workers?

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The promises set forth by Industry 3.0’s methods have been fulfilled and have now plateaued. The problems companies face today go far beyond Taïchi Ohno’s seven wastes of Lean manufacturing. The enemies of today’s manufacturing world are indecision and delay.

Industries across the entire manufacturing spectrum can achieve true digital transformation in the form of Industry 4.0 practices and tools. But what does Industry 4.0 mean for the human workforce? Will humans be fully replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) and robots? 

As more businesses consider Industry 4.0 for their production lines, it’s important to understand why Industry 4.0 is more than just AI robots revving up manufacturing output. Laurent Laporte, CEO and Co-Founder of Braincube, makes the case for how digital transformation enables companies to stay competitive and empowers manufacturing’s human workforce.

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