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Saint-Gobain Weber drives efficiency with data-driven decisions

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“In the past, it took us a whole day to analyze far less complex databases. But now, in just a few minutes, we benefit from our investment in very specific ways.”

—Production Manager, Saint-Gobain-Weber France


Saint-Gobain Weber is the worldwide leader in mortar-based solutions,  committed to sustainably providing high-performance products. As their France site planned for future growth, they needed to make more data-driven decisions within the company. In turn, they believed this would enable them to improve production quality and reduce material waste.

A key pillar of these goals was obtaining a clean data set and establishing data standards. Managing and analyzing large volumes of data can be challenging, expensive, and time-consuming for sites without advanced digital solutions. A reliable and clean dataset is crucial for efficiency and decision-making, regardless of where data is used within the organization.

Saint-Gobain Weber France knew an accurate data set would save them time and money. According to the manufacturing director at Saint-Gobain Weber France, there were “multiple factors” that teams had to take into account, in real-time, when making process improvements. 

“Plus, we didn’t take into account the time required to analyze data and make decisions,” he added. With process experts sinking their time into data extraction and analysis, the company was diminishing the time their experts had to enact meaningful change within the facility.  

With the right digital tools, the company felt confident that teams could make informed decisions and implement cost-saving process optimizations in real time.


Braincube processes production data in real-time, enabling Saint-Gobain Weber’s teams to make significant headway in their initiatives while giving process experts time back to focus on high-value tasks.

Utilizing this data in other Braincube tools, such as the Advanced Analysis Application, provides valuable insights into their manufacturing processes. Combined, these tools allow them to identify areas for improvement and optimize their operations.

Braincube’s Advanced Analysis Application

In addition to saving time and resources, Braincube helped the team to achieve faster decision-making and data analysis, which are critical for staying ahead of the competition. Braincube’s ability to process vast amounts of data in real-time enables the team to identify and address production issues quickly. Advanced solutions, including Braincube’s proprietary AI, streamline the work of process experts and drive significant gains in production efficiency.

“Our teams work better,” said a site manager at Saint-Gobain Weber. Now that our factories have become more intelligent and better performing, we can easily keep up with economic growth.”

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