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Self-service analytics in manufacturing: ebook

In the wake of Industry 4.0’s emergence comes another radical change sweeping through manufacturing: democratizing AI abilities to front-line workers. These advanced analytics technologies (and their capabilities) are referred to as self-service analytics.

These tools empower employees by building upon their abilities. With greater understanding and access to data, teams make better decisions and feel more connected to their work and to each other.

Self-service analytics removes the data literacy barrier, helping process and subject matter experts, executives, and the shop-floor alike use real insights to improve what is happening within the factory. These technologies enable, empower, and encourage employees to use their intrinsic knowledge to make data discoveries that deliver results.

But how can manufacturers bring in and leverage self-service analytics technologies? What types of tools are available for manufacturers today? Are they easy to use?

We’ll explore answers to these questions—and more—in this exclusive ebook focused on self-service analytics tools and technologies in manufacturing.

In this ebook, you’ll:
  • learn more about the foundations of self-service analytics, including how manufacturing has reached this new era
  • understand why you need self-service analytics at your manufacturing organization
  • read specific examples and use cases of self-service tools being used today
  • better understand the tangible ROI and benefits that self-service applications bring to your organization

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Self-service analytics on edge

Powerful Edge analytics for your teams

Edge solutions enable your teams to process data off your line and immediately put it to use. This low latency data helps your shop floor better adapt its strategies on the fly. 

Applications designed for Edge data give your teams real-time snapshots of what is happening.

Self-service analytics case study

Self-service analytics case study: Cargill

Learn how Cargill significantly saved in boiler operating expenses and increased weekly recipe production by 400% after using Braincube for only one year.

building a data culture with self-service analytics

Self-service analytics apps

Braincube’s self-service data analytics applications are designed to help you meet your goals. Root Cause Analysis, improved processes, and data-driven decisions: it’s all possible with self-service data analytics applications.