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Solving OSB manufacturing challenges with Industry 4.0


Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and other building materials manufacturers are rising to the challenges facing them today. They use cost-effective solutions that are easy to implement for diverse needs across the organization (or for a wide range of employees’ needs).

IIoT tools and technologies helps OSB manufacturers address some of their top challenges for specific production processes and unpredictable circumstances. Using a continuously monitored centralized digital environment that bridges frontline industrial processes and backend information systems.

Braincube’s IIoT Platform and suite of advanced apps help OSB manufacturers reimagine their production landscape. All your data together within one centralized system gives teams the ultimate daily operations tool to drive process optimization and improvements.

In this white paper, you’ll:
  • understand solutions to some of the top challenges facing OSB manufacturers
  • discover how leveraging IIoT platforms can amplify optimizations with automated condition monitoring
  • learn how the Studio App’s data is visually displayed to encourage data-driven team decision-making

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