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March 23, 2023 2 minute read

How to improve throughput using IIoT in food manufacturing


While food and beverage manufacturers aim to provide quality products while maximizing profit, they also focus on improving throughput, or the time it takes for a product to be made from start to finish.

IIoT solutions can help the food industry increase quality and compliance by automatically gathering and transforming data from your network. Data is shared with your teams to improve uptime and process stabilization to benefit from reduced bottlenecks and less unplanned downtime.

Braincube’s IIoT platform is an interconnected data system that puts digitized data in a centralized location. Our platform helps food and beverage manufacturers use their data to accomplish business goals more efficiently.

In this white paper, you’ll:
  • understand which bottlenecks are worth addressing
  • discover the positive trickle-up impact of throughput
  • learn how IIoT solutions can reduce unplanned downtime and improve OEE
  • discover how Braincube’s Live visualization tools can improve process stabilization and centerlining

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