Managerial Courage: Planning for Industry 4.0

In this fireside chat from CMF 2021, Xavier Riley (Head of Digital Strategy and Innovation at Standard Industries) and Laurent Laporte (CEO and Co-Founder at Braincube) share how to use managerial courage when planning and effectively executing Industry 4.0 strategies.

Standard Industries’ goal was to improve response times, better control and use their data, and improve their data management. The company wanted to reduce friction to data access, as data was often siloed—the “enemy of future goals and progress,” according to Xavier.

Laurent highlights key considerations for building a digital transformation vision, including how Braincube works with customers to achieve their specific Industry 4.0 goals.

Xavier shares about how Standard Industries selected the right vendor to help them expand their corporate strategy around using data as the company’s most valuable asset. In addition to discussing managerial courage for Industry 4.0, Xavier explains how to build an RFP that aligns with your company’s specific goals, making it easier to attract the right technology partner.

This webinar is ideal for directors, executives, or managers who are planning—or expanding—their Industry 4.0 strategies. To access this 20-minute webinar, please submit the form.

Braincube has allowed us to keep our focus on data while also allowing us to fulfill our manufacturing and strategic priorities.

Xavier Riley, Head of Digital Strategy and Innovation at Standard Industries

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