Case Study: Company achieves $1M savings on global advanced analytics rollout


Optimizing processes and scaling globally

When Tire Company X* (a global tire manufacturing company) first implemented Braincube’s IIoT Platform, they were hoping that insight into their production process would enable them to minimize waste, save money, and improve quality. Their first use case was to minimize waste during a specific part of their tire production process.

In a matter of a few months, they achieved their objective and minimized waste by 35% within their target process. Optimizing this single process resulted in $1 million in savings per year.

Four years later, they have achieved these goals by completely revolutionizing how data is used in their organization. This resulted in improved collaboration between teams, across different plants worldwide, and between management and operations.

As part of their efforts to continuously improve globally, this tire manufacturing company has scaled advanced analytics to multiple facilities around the world and undergone a holistic digital transformation.

How did they achieve these incredible results?

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* For proprietary reasons, this company has elected to remain anonymous. All facts and figures are actual results.

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