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Customer Spotlight: Kimberly-Clark

Automating continuous improvement with 4.0

As a leading manufacturer of paper and personal care products, Kimberly-Clark continuously strives to innovate ways to improve production.

When Covid first hit around the world, tissue product buying increased by at least 40%. And with more than 99% of tissue products being manufactured in the United States, there were increasing demands for tissue manufacturers, especially Kimberly-Clark.

By tapping into the power of an IIoT platform, ready-to-use applications, and data science, they were able to reduce downtime and improve their yield.

In this case study, learn how Kimberly-Clark was able to leverage their Digital Twin data to build a predictive data model to optimize processes with high accuracy.

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“What would have taken hours of work going through 4,000 different data tags that we use on our machine, we’re able to do in just a few clicks.”

Tyler Shirley, Asset Development, Electrical Engineer at Kimberly-Clark

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