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Three ways IIoT improves operational efficiency for building materials manufacturers


Manufacturers producing building or construction products often search for “the ultimate daily operations tool.” Given the complexities of glass making, shingle production, or siding, it makes sense to want a 360-view of what’s happening at any given time.

Regardless of which tools you select, your team and managers will likely have different needs for the same data.

IIoT applications can help frontline workers, SMEs, and executives leverage data for improved operational efficiency performance in manufacturing building materials. 

Whether your goals involve consolidating and cleaning data or adopting AI for operational efficiency gains, there are solutions out there tailored to address your biggest challenges. 

In this white paper, you’ll learn:
  • how the SPC App provides automated reports with advanced process visibility and control
  • how leveraging data visualization can improve operational efficiency across every department
  • ways to improve results with holistic monitoring and alerting 
  • about self-service applications that can help teams identify optimizations, save time on daily tasks, and more.

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