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Fiberglass manufacturer increases Golden Batches with data visualization


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to implement Braincube’s digital solutions
in additional product due to 50% reduction in scrap
increase in Golden Batches


Producing fiberglass is a highly complex process that cannot be stabilized with just a few clicks. The recipe for making it involves as much as 35% recycled materials and undergoes several heating and cooling techniques.

This company has multiple product lines and assets in its plants, categorized by brand and functionality. Access to production data would be a game-changer for both shop floor and remote operations. Each plant manufactures over 150 product combinations and produces more than 600 bobbins per day. If they can reduce breaks, it would have a significant impact on margins and employee productivity.

Braincube Live App


The manufacturing team and Braincube implemented digital solutions within 6 weeks despite being understaffed. Braincube’s Live application provided real-time data, that offered their employees access to crucial shop floor data. Braincube’s self-service analytics consolidates data from various IT/OT systems, enabling employees to conduct Root Cause Analysis, identify areas for improvement, and optimize the production process.

Moreover, these powerful tools allowed the company to set up real-time alerts to make quick, informed decisions to ensure optimal performance on the shop floor.

Thanks to the adoption of data-driven decision-making, the company experienced a significant boost in efficiency and productivity, leading to a 15% increase in Golden Batches produced. These results leveraged real-time insights, allowing the company to make informed decisions that positively impacted their bottom line with almost $2 million of additional product due to a drastic reduction in scrap.

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