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[On-demand webinar] The what, why, and ROI of digital twins in manufacturing

In the Industry 4.0 era and the broader digital transformation of industries, digital twins play a pivotal role. These digital replicas of physical assets and systems offer manufacturers valuable insights. In turn, they enable teams to make informed decisions that drive innovation and efficiency.

By harnessing the power of digital twins, industrials can advance KPIs, optimize processes, and stay ahead of the competition. Learn the benefits of digital twins and their importance as they continue to grow as we move further into the digital age.

Watch the full presentation on-demand to see:

  • the types of digital twins and the value they provide
  • how today’s leading manufacturers are using digital twins
  • the importance of connectivity and data diversity
  • examples of ROI achieved by real customers with Braincube’s digital twins, including:
    • hours saved in data preparation
    • multiple KPIs related to process optimization
    • time-to-value and production cost savings results

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