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Case study: 30% improvement in OEE with Industry 4.0

Improved access to real-time data enabled a global CPG company to improve efficiency, uptime, and optimize its resources.

CPG Company X was struggling with frequent unplanned downtimes causing increased production costs. With fully automated assembly lines, they needed each machine running at optimal efficiency to avoid stops of the entire line.

This complexity, paired with a lack of centralized and prepared data, made it difficult for teams to identify the root causes of these breakdowns.

They adopted Braincube to help them identify and resolve their machine micro-stops. Their primary goal was to increase their OEE by more than 20%. They were able to exceed this goal using Braincube’s applications and Digital Twin data.

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What are Digital Twins and what value do they bring?

Digital Twins can make a big difference in helping your manufacturing company push through data fatigue and turn data into your competitive advantage. But what exactly are manufacturing Digital Twins and how are they used?

Digital Twin case study: Avril

Avril’s implementation of Braincube led to better sales and storage forecasts, the implementation of dashboards to track relevant KPIs, and autonomy to make improvements based on changing business and economic needs.


Different types of Digital Twins in manufacturing

Digital Twins can be built for any part of your process or any physical entity of your production process. In this article, we unpack a few different types of Digital Twins found in manufacturing, including the pros and cons of each type.