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Oji Paper achieves ROI within one week using Braincube’s digital solutions

consumption rates


reduction in chemical consumption during paper making
decrease in specialty chemical coating
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Oji Paper wanted to increase market share while reducing production costs. To maintain their lead over competitors, Oji Paper had to come up with strategies to reduce their production expenses. After conducting a thorough analysis of their costs, they discovered that the costly paper coating they applied to their products was the primary reason for cost fluctuations. They needed to find the best way to collect, link, and time data to address this issue.

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During the initial phase of the project, the teams at Oji and Braincube worked together to stabilize the consumption of chemicals by 400% in the paper machine. They established Statistical Process Control groups with 28 consumption variables out of the 2,450 involved in the process. Braincube’s algorithms discovered a combination of four parameters that allowed them to stay within the coating target. They identified the operational ranges for each product reference for every variable.

Using Braincube, the Oji team made two important changes. Firstly, they monitored these key variables in the control rooms via Braincube Live. Secondly, they reviewed the Braincube SPC reports to address any concerns. These process changes resulted in an immediate 10% reduction in consumption rates. In addition, Oji allowed their operators to implement new standard settings when discovered, enhancing the stability of the paper’s characteristics. This approach empowered Oji, ensuring both stability and significant savings.

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