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The green route: sustainability in paper and packaging manufacturing

How IIoT helps global paper and packaging manufacturers meet sustainability demands of consumers and regulations

The consumption of paper and packaging products is still alive and well, although changing. A global shift towards sustainability has a positive impact on the paper and packaging industry, bringing new innovation opportunities front and center.

With these changes come some challenges, but they also offer immense growth and cost-savings opportunities—particularly for paper and packaging manufacturers. The growing demands of consumers and stricter environmental regulations are putting pressure on paper and packaging companies to do more with less while simultaneously making more eco-friendly products. These pressures mean sustainability will continue to be a priority for such a diverse industry. 

In this white paper, geared exclusively to paper and packaging manufacturers, you’ll discover the different catalysts driving sustainability for European and US packaging plants, as well as commonalities shared by these markets. We’ll also explore how Industry 4.0 technologies can help paper and packaging companies meet—and exceed—their sustainability goals quickly.

The white paper covers:

  • The state of sustainability for paper and packaging manufacturing in Europe and the United States
  • Unique sustainability challenges facing European and US paper companies
  • How Industry 4.0 tools, such as Braincube’s ready-to-use Advanced BI Applications, help paper and packaging companies tackle three key sustainability challenges: reducing energy and water consumption; perfect product traceability; and developing new eco-friendly recipes.

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