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How can Digital Twins help your different manufacturing teams?

Digital Twins offer value to teams across your manufacturing company, ranging from the shop floor all the way to the C-Suite.

Braincube Digital Twins help manufacturers save time, improve efficiency, and fast-track continuous improvement efforts. They serve as the gateway to self-service analytics, data visualization, custom data science models, and other application use cases.

Digital Twins provide teams with an accurate, real-time, harmonized dataset to accelerate your business optimization. This data set can then be used across your data architecture.

Democratizing access to usable data makes your teams more efficient, focused, and collaborative, giving your company a competitive edge. Automating the tedious work of pulling, cleaning, and contextualizing data from different systems and formats ensures that ready-to-use dynamic data is centered around business optimization.

Download this complimentary infographic to learn how Digital Twins help different teams within your manufacturing organization.

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What are Digital Twins and what value do they bring?

Digital Twins can make a big difference in helping your manufacturing company push through data fatigue and turn data into your competitive advantage. But what exactly are manufacturing Digital Twins and how are they used?

Digital Twin case study: Avril

Avril’s implementation of Braincube led to better sales and storage forecasts, the implementation of dashboards to track relevant KPIs, and autonomy to make improvements based on changing business and economic needs.


Different types of Digital Twins in manufacturing

Digital Twins can be built for any part of your process or any physical entity of your production process. In this article, we unpack a few different types of Digital Twins found in manufacturing, including the pros and cons of each type.