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How to Use a Digital Twin to Increase your ROI


Digital Twins are something we often hear about in manufacturing. With so much buzz around using Digital Twins to find new revenue streams, optimize, and improve, learn how Braincube can build Digital Twins of your process, batch, product, or serial number to accelerate your business goals.

Laurent Laporte, CEO and co-founder of Braincube discusses his experience in leveraging a Digital Twin to drive decisions.

Should I build a Digital Twin of the manufacturing process?

Digital Twins can help you leverage your manufacturing data to improve process, find new revenue streams, and increase operating profits. Depending on where your company sits within its OT/IT alignment and connectivity, will determine on how to best implement a Digital Twin (or multiple Digital Twins) as part of your infrastructure.  

Once you determine your level of digital maturity, specifically how much data you have historized, what you’re currently collecting, and any holes in your data knowledge, you can decide which production lines will benefit most from a Digital Twin.

Why is historical information so important?

To build an optimal Digital Twin, you need to have historical data to understand your past performances so you can then understand impactful parameters. This is where AI and advanced analytics will drive your findings with their ability to solve complex problems. You’ll be able to answer:

  • Why were some runs better than others when all things seemed equal?
  • What would happen if we did XYZ (i.e., ran a boiler at a specific temperature, used more bleach for a certain period of time, tried to produce boxes instead of paper)?
  • Where can I save on the cost of my raw materials?
  • How can I create a process for predictive maintenance?

Digital Twins Resources


Digital Twin case study: Avril

Avril’s implementation of Braincube led to better sales and storage forecasts, the implementation of individualized dashboards for employees to track relevant KPIs, and the autonomy needed to make improvements based on changing business and economic needs.


Digital Twin to Improve Traceability

A Digital Twin that follows a single product’s production process from raw materials to the finished product helps engineers and operators account for every step in between—even if the data lives in different mills or data systems. Learn how the steel industry leverages a digital twin to improve product and batch traceability.


Dive into all things Digital Twins

In this three-part on-demand webinar series, we cover the top topics on Digital Twins in manufacturing. Understand the what, why, and ROI of Digital twins through use cases and customer stories.

Speak with a Digital Transformation Expert!

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